Back to life

It’s strange how life seems to listen to your prayers when you least expect them to. My computer broke down and then all my files on my cellphone vanished before my eyes. I had been feeling captured by the technic and the internet. Or was I an internet addict just like anyone else  these days? It seemed as if I couldn’t control myself. All I wanted was to have more time being totally focused on my son and to make more time for writing new songs. Because composing for me also means a lot of lazy time. Lying in the sofa starring at the ceiling or nowadays beholding the beautiful features of my son. Space for reflecting and for new thoughts to take place…and so it came. At first I was frustrated and panicked and in the next moment I felt relief. I have lost many ideas for songs from my cellphone, but this also meant that I found time to finish the ones that were just lying there on the piano, waiting. Now I have 3 new songs for a third album and I haven’t released my second yet…


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