While new projects are in progress

Since August I’ve been on a new route with a fellow songwriter. We don’t know for sure what our sound will be. For now we just enjoy the result of our two heads composing together. Every monday we meet in a cold little cottage by the highway E4. Simply sitting by an old black up straight piano. Taking turns playing and trying ideas. Those mondays have been the  highlight of the week. We are exploring together. Compromising, embracing new sounds, discovering old technics and killing darlings.

While this new seed is growing I still have a couple of songs that I’d like to share with you as a solo artist. The first one will be released in December and was recorded an evening only 4 weeks ago with my dear friends and artists Dear Euphoria and Desertsongs. I wrote it exactly one year ago in this dusky period of time that is December.

Click on the pic, listen and buy it here:


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