In 2009 Ingela released her debut album “All these choices” through ajabu! worldwide (P-vine in Japan) and in the same year she recieved the STIM Scholarship of 25 000 skr which resulted in her follow-up album “Image of you”.  A digital release was made in the start of 2012 through her own label Clapping Sounds and a release of the physical album will be made possible by Ajabu! in the start of 2013!

The single December Song (Don’t Grow) featurig Dear Euphoria and Desertsongs as well as the single Love Come Forward was realeased 2013 and 2014 on her own label Clapping Sounds.

During the years as a eurhythmics student at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm she also has explored the world of coreography. In 2009/2010 she created a piece for 4 classical singers and 2 dancers called “Siempre Perdue” which was performed during the spring of 2010.

Ingela also does arrangements for other artists and can be heard on the albums “Juanita” (track “Vasto como o céu”) by Roman Andrén and “Heal my violence” (track “Tell me first”) by Dear Euphoria. She is also responsible for the lyrics of a summer suite for choir and symphony orchestra called “Junilängtan” by composer Daniel Lantz.

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