In 2009 Ingela was picked up by the jazz/etno label ajabu!. Her debut album “All these choices” was released worldwide. Thanks to the label P-vine the album was released in Japan and created quite a few spins on the radio and was picked up by Japanese blogs. During the same year Ingela received the STIM scholarship which made it possible to record a follow-up in 2010. The result was “Image of you”. Recorded in the analog studio of Fashionpolice by producer Sven Johansson who also produced the Amazing, September and Daniel Adams Ray.

Later on Ingela released a single, December Song (Don’t Grow). Recorded in the living room of songwriter and artist Eli-na and with the sweet backing vocals of her and the songwriter/producer Desertsongs. This time released on her own label Clappingsounds. Another single came in January 2014, Love come forward, but was actually a song left out from her second album “Image of you”.

Through the association Popkollo, where Ingela was engaged in creating summer camps for girls to learn how to play in bands and write music, she met Minna Bolin. A fellow songwriter mentioned above as Desertsongs. Together they formed the duo Jean Dark and released the single “I will never let me down” in 2015.

A few days ago (June 9th 2017), a fourth single saw the light. “Sleep” is the result of a learning process. Paper and pen has always been the only way for Ingela to write music, but during the last year she has felt a need to write in a different way. To experiment and to surprise herself. So she dived into the sea of Logic. Discovering a playfull and inspiring way to write music. “Last but not least” is the motto from now on…Minna Bolin has done the excellent mix.

Ingela also does arrangements for other artists and can be heard on the albums “Juanita” (track “Vasto como o céu”) by Roman Andrén and “Heal my violence” (track “Tell me first”) by Dear Euphoria. She is also responsible for the lyrics of a summer suite for choir and symphony orchestra called “Junilängtan” by composer Daniel Lantz.

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