LovecomeforwardLove Come Forward

Released January 2014 (Clapping Sounds)

Artwork Ingela

DECEMBER SONG - kopia-2December Song (Don’t Grow) featuring Dear Euphoria & Desertsongs

Released December 2013 (Clapping Sounds)

Artwork Ingela

Image of you

Released spring 2013 (AJABU)

Photo and artwork Annevie Petersson

All these choices

Released 2009 (AJABU and P-vine Japan)





Featured on vocals on Roman Andréns coveralbum “Lovin’ you”, (201,P-vine Japan)on tracks “Crickets sing for Ana-Maria” and “Up, up and away”

Choir introduction composed by Ingela to the song “Vasco como ó cue” on Roman Andréns album “Juanita” released 2009 (ajabu! P-vine)

Roman Andren – Vasto Como O Ceu – Vast As The Sky

Brass and wood arrangement by Ingela on the track “Tell me” by Dear Euphoria. Album “Heal my violence”, released 2009

Dear Euphoria – Tell me

Lyrics for the summer suite “Junilängtan” for choir and symphony orchestra, music by Daniel Lantz.

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