December song (Don’t grow)

Soft december light, the wind takes a frosty bite, on your blushy cheeks, we need to beat the early night

I carry your heavy weight, although my arms ache, your breath makes little clouds around my neck it’s getting late

Don’t grow don’t grow dont’t grow

First december snow, making the air glow and you’re watching so amazed, but what it is you still don’t know

I wish we could stay right here, in this sparkling atmosphere, cause then I could remain in your wondering eyes so near

Don’t grow don’t grow don’t grow


Image of you (from the album Image of you)

When you’re gone I will see what you achieved or all your fears, will my consience be relieved

In this fight there’s an exit you can’t see or is it all a struggle left in me?

Be your true self and see the moon when it’s new, I know your worst lies cause I’m the true image of you

In your heart there’s a valley of remorse, in eternal shade that stalls your every course

Good advice is only frightening news, tell what are you afraid to loose

Be your true self…

When you’re gone, how will you be recalled? As the tragic fate or the rise after the fall?

Please believe, while you orbit the earth you will learn the meaning of it all

Be your true self and see the moon when it’s new, I know your worst lies cause I’m the true image of you.


All these choices

All these choices every day takes me on a different path, far from where I thought I’d be, am I the first to feel last? Most of the time the wrong route becomes right. Now I live in constant dusk waiting for the light..

In a cottage, bleached by the sea air. I’ve been looking now but that place seem to be nowhere. I yearn for waves and salty stones, until then my music will have this tone.

Although objects block my view I follow my heart and when I think I see the goal I’m always back on start. It’s like I carry ’round a grief, colourfull like fall and lust those falling leaves

On a cottage bleached by the sea air…


Why does time stop when I see you now

Why is everything so different

am I so close to fate that I might die

No you make me alive, oh you make me alive

I stand before you in my naked truth

absorbed by your precence

to be held in unlimited love is the essence

oh you make me alive oh you make me alive